awesome news!

August 2. 2018

Venus & Vixen was designed to be a "test kitchen" for new looks/ideas for Boudoir by Wallflower and it was a HUGE success!

I spent the last few months using V&V to get super-creative and test ideas that are SO good! I'm so excited to take all of the amazing concepts that worked beautifully and incorporate them into Boudoir by Wallflower. It's a major win-win for all of my clients, and I'm excited to be doing the best work of my ten-year career because of it.

So, V&V is closed for now while I buckle down and focus on incorporating all of this amazingness back into my core brand. Boudoir by Wallflower is going to get a lot of new goodness, and I could not be more pleased with how well Venus & Vixen did as an idea incubator.

Thank you SO MUCH to all of my V&V girls for letting me take creative control over your shoots. None of this would have been possible without you! <3 <3

Much love,

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PS - V&V may pop back up in the future, so get on the newsletter list if you want to be the first to know! 😉