Art in Motion | Wichita, KS Boudoir Photography

I’m in love with this new brand.

This is the second shoot for Venus & Vixen, and I can barely come up with the words to write about it!  When I got Lisa’s application, I knew she had to be one of my V&V models…she was so vibrant and energetic, I got excited about her overflowing life just reading about it!  I immediately wanted that energy infused into the early days of this project.

I’m so glad I did.  Her images are already defining what I set out to create, and I couldn’t be happier with the direction Venus & Vixen is going!  It’s boudoir, it’s art, it’s portraiture, it’s exactly what I want it to be.

Sexy and artful…perfect.

I’ve wanted to do this shot for years…love.

V&V is art that features you as the subject!  The framed prints you can get from your session are nothing less than the start of your own curated collection.

So fierce!

These little moments are so gorgeous!

This belongs in Vogue Italia.

In keeping true to what I believe a woman’s freedoms should be, I am taking a more nonchalant/editorial approach to nudity in a lot of these sessions.  Nudity and sexuality are co-existent, but I do not believe that they are mutually exclusive.  The nude female form can of course be very sexy, but it can also be simply beautiful, and I’m excited to see this work show both.

This session produced so many pieces of art, I need to build more walls in the studio just to show them off!

This energy is why I knew I had to have her as one of the first V&V girls!

The studio is closed for the year, and I’m excited for all the Venus & Vixen shoots coming up in 2018!  Don’t forget, I’m opening it up to clients in April, so get on the newsletter so you can be the first to know.  This is something you’ll want to do early and often 😉

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  1. This is so amazing the opportunity you give to these women is simply what we’ve been missing on! I am so amazed at the work and ambition that drive you to embrace our empowering women beauty, it’s more than just a nude, we are divine beauty & I am blessed to have come across this! Don’t ever stop!

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