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One session in, and Venus & Vixen is everything I hoped it would be.  A creative playground, an empowering experience, an atmosphere of total freedom for both me as a photographer and my subject as a woman.  It’s exciting!

Shanyn’s was the second model application I received, just minutes after my newsletter went out, and she’s the very first official V&V girl!


Having a purely creative outlet takes some getting used to, but creating images without pre-defined expectations is an artist’s dream.  I already knew I’d love working with Shanyn because she was a Boudoir by Wallflower client not long ago!  She came ready to kick ass and take names.

I love the t-shirt & panties look.  It’s casual, it’s sexy, it’s girl-next-door…it’s amazing.

Purple lingerie and flowers with those green eyes!  Daaaaamn 😉

If you’ve never been in my studio, it’s 1) huge and 2) gorgeous.  I’ve got 12 giant 4’x8′ windows shining gorgeous light onto the building’s original 1928 maple floors, and I love them.  I had blinds custom made to fit each one so I can control the light exactly how I want it!  One thing I can’t control, though, is how sunny a day I’m going to get.  So, with Boudoir by Wallflower, I never wanted to offer a look with these beautiful shadow lines coming through the blinds because I can’t guarantee that the sun will cooperate on session day.  While I could fake it with lighting, it wouldn’t be a perfect match…and I’m all about consistency for my Wallflower clients – that’s why they come to me!

With Venus & Vixen, we go where the day leads us!  If we’re lucky enough to have gorgeous, streaky shadows…let’s use them!  If it’s cloudy, we’ll get the softest light you’ve ever seen, and you know we’re going to make great images with that.  When I open sessions to the public in April, going with the flow will be a pre-requisite for V&V clients 😉  There are opportunities for beauty everywhere you look.

Soft, dark, and beautiful.

V&V truly is an artistic boudoir experience.  I get to work with women as my medium and together we make things of beauty.  It’s an incredible feeling!

The booty grab!

I’ve said from the beginning that V&V would be my “test kitchen” where everything is just a little spicier, and this first session is proof positive of that!  If you’re looking to turn it up to 11 in a way that is as gorgeous as it is seductive, get on my newsletter so you can be one of the very first Venus & Vixen clients.

Embrace your womanhood.

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