Overwhelmed! | Wichita, KS Boudoir Photography

It’s really happening!  Earlier this month, after seven years of being a full-time boudoir photographer, I did something I’d never done before.  I hosted a model call.

To be honest, I expected to get maybe two dozen applications and was already NOT looking forward to narrowing those down to the five or six final models I thought I’d need!  But then it got crazy.  All told, I got over a 130 applications!  Holy crap!

You guys…I had two separate breakdowns trying to figure out what to do with that.  I was overwhelmed, excited, and totally lost all at the same time.  There’s no way I could choose just five or six!  Talking with my husband about it at River City Brewing, I was in tears (no joke…in the middle of the brewpub) over the thought of having to turn down so many incredible women who wanted to be a part of this new concept, and at the same time just overjoyed that SO MANY WOMEN were willing to do so!  I may have been a little extra emotional that day…but it was still a lot to process.


Actual footage of me trying to figure this all out.

In the end, I picked thirty models (from several states, even!) to launch this new brand.  That’s more than I’m even capable of photographing in three months without my already-busy Boudoir by Wallflower schedule, but I wanted to do as much as I could as a “thank you” for the amazing response.  For everyone else, I sent out over $13,000 worth of gift cards towards V&V sessions when I open them up for clients next April.  Past Boudoir by Wallflower clients got an extra bonus because I already love you all so much and REALLY want to work with you again!  (Note: being a client comes with perks even beyond the experience itself!)

Want to be one of the first Venus & Vixen clients?  Sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know when I’m opening up V&V session dates!  It’s going to be amazing.  It already is amazing.  I can’t thank you enough.


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