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What is Venus & Vixen, and why am I doing it?

I’ve asked myself this question a lot over the past several months, so it’s only fair that you would, too!  I’ve spent over seven years as Boudoir by Wallflower, and I absolutely love what I built there.  As with anything that gets that big, though, it’s taken on a life and a persona of its own.  One that is amazing and beautiful and comfortable, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it – it’s not going anywhere!  But, because of that, there are some things I want to do that don’t fit within the brand I created.  So, I made a new one.

Think of Venus & Vixen like the Starbucks Reserve of boudoir.  They test out lots of new ideas at this beautiful store in Seattle, different roasting methods, beans from new regions, even multiple ways of brewing – but you can only get them at that single location.  The most popular ideas make their way to the rest of the market, but the fun, experimental, and truly unique concepts are special…and they’re exclusive.

Venus & Vixen is my playground.  Right now, it comes at a lower price point because I am taking total control over your shoot.  You bring in your outfits, I plan the rest.  Where Boudoir by Wallflower is a very client-customizable experience, during its inception, Venus & Vixen is all artist’s choice.  I’ve got over 700 sessions under my belt, and I know how to make a woman look and feel gorgeous!

V&V is moody, edgy, and sexy.  It’s artful.  It doesn’t shy away from showing the female form for what it is: truly beautiful.

During this introductory period, I’m doing something I don’t do with Boudoir by Wallflower: calling for models (want to be one?  Go here! Model call closed!  I’ll be taking V&V clients starting in April 2018…sign up here to be the first to know!).  I was the first model for this idea, and these are my images – I’ve never asked a client to do anything I wouldn’t do myself.

I believe a woman should have the freedom to do what she wants to with her body, and the most difficult thing I’ve come across over seven years as a boudoir photographer is that so many women don’t have that freedom for a multitude of reasons.  Venus & Vixen is here for those women, too.  Outside of my models, nobody is required to sign a model release or have their images put anywhere.  All V&V products are printed and made in-studio, so your images are never sent to a lab.

I’m excited about all the new things I’ll be doing with this brand!  I’m working it in around my Boudoir by Wallflower schedule, because that is still my main focus.  So, be patient and check back often; it’s going to be great.

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  1. Stunning!!!! I love the “edginess” and artistic perspectives! ❤️ I completed a model application and have all my fingers and toes crossed! Best wishes to you on this new adventure!!! I have my boudoir photos hanging on my bedroom wall where I see them every morning to remind myself, as I prepare for the day, of who I am “unfiltered.” I see them again as I end my day, giving me another reminder that, no matter how chaotic the day may have been, I am confident, sexy, perfectly imperfect, and kind of a badass! Thank you for that constant reminder! After the chaos, the burdens, the growth & change, and the triumphs that have come from some nail biting, teeth gritting, faith clinging, and downright refusal to give up and give in over the past several years, a super badass photo session might just reveal the latest and greatest version of me! Again, thank you and best wishes!

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